CD Review: First Four EPs [2010]

Release: 11/2011
Label: Vice Records

1. “Black Thoughts” – A-
2. “Darkness” – B+
3. “I Don’t Belong” – A-
4. “Upside Down” – B+
5. “Poison City” –  B+
6. “Now I’m Pissed” – B
7. “Killing Away” – B+
8. “Jeffrey Lee Pierce” – A-
9. “Panic Attack” – B
10. “Crawl” – B-
11. “Blast” – B+
12. “Rat Trap” – B-
13. “Fuck People” –  B
14. “Full of Shit” – B
15. “Broken” – B
16. “Peace In Hermosa” – B

Comments: This is the kind of record that you simply can’t review while doing something else. If you decide to go the multi-tasking route, which I did, you might just find yourself listening to the sixth track of the record while you’re under the impression that you’re still on the second. For long-time followers of punk rock, such a perception is child’s play. At any rate, I haven’t heard many hardcore punk songs…sad, I know. OFF! is the latest band of Keith Morris, a rather prolific person in hardcore punk (front-man of Black Flag, Circle Jerks). That’s that. The songs on this record are very good. You can tell these guys have been around for a while. Loads of recycled chord progressions and stuff like that. That’s kind of expected in any genre of music, but these kind of things seem to particularly stick out on here.

Grade: B (86)


  1. Love your guys’ content, and great review. Keith Morris actually holds his own radio show, “Totally Psyched” on every Mondays at 3PM. Check it out!

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