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  1. Charles Manson began appearing on TV a lot in the ’80s and in the early ’90s at least but since then there’s been really nothing at all. Nothing in the 2000s. I wonder if the whole victims’ rights movement was able to put a muzzle on him, or perhaps people were bored with him.

    There’s this other quote where he calls himself a hobo… so I guess that people who watch him are slumming…

  2. People seem to be still quite fascinated with him and other serial killers, but I agree this media trend, if you will, has dyed down; Natural Born Killers (1994) captured this time in the media perfectly.

  3. In the early to mid ’90s the whole Victims’ Rights thing really started heating up and then there were executions all the time because all the people sentenced to death after the return of capital punishment in 1977 were exhausting their appeals and then executions became no longer newsworthy. Then the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act was signed by Clinton which made it much easier to be executed on a technicality. The McVeigh execution took place in summer 2001 thus decisively defeating terrorism.

    Crime rates did go down considerably including murder rates as the crack epidemic petered out. Fewer death sentences were handed down because of the increased popularity of Life Without Possibility of Parole that was applied under ridiculous circumstances. In some cases people get LWOPP without the prosecution having to prove the intentional to kill. People got LWOPP when their friends were gunned down by vigilantes and cops. People got LWOPP for lending out their cars! Technically, they were eligible for the death penalty but the only in Texas did they almost go through with it, commuting the sentence at the last second.

    I remember there was a time in the ’90s when there was this movement to shut down the convicted murderers, to prevent them from profiting in any way from their notoriety, this idea that Charles Manson’s mug in public causes the Tates and the others to relive the murder. I know the Tates were big in the victims’ rights movements and had things passed into law. Another big thing in the true crime business was the whole OJ Simpson murder and trial and all of that. Perhaps it was simply overkill when it came to true crime.

  4. I think they will always be a intrest in Charles Manson, for me at least he represented the death of innocence of the 60’s. Also Ryan Kwanten (from True Blood) has been cast to play Charles Manson in a new movie called The Family, which is currently in development. The movie is said to be focusing primarily on the murders Manson and his followers committed, rather than a full retrospect of his life, so I think the murders will be something Hollywood revists every now and again, although for me nothing will top the orginal Helter Skelter movie.

    Also the reason you don’t see much of Manson anymore is two fold 1) he is up there in age and really just dosen’t have the energy, I mean it’s been about 40 years since he has been in prision and all that time they put him in isolation, that does something to a person. 2) Legally under the Son of Sam law he can’t profit from his crime anymore. After the Son of Sam murders the killer David Berkowitz wrote a book that made a lot, of money, to keep him from getting the money the state passed the ‘Son of Sam’ laws that denies any criminal from profiting from their crimes and most states adopted a Son of Sam law including California, so Charlie got nothing from roughly about 1987 on. Then in 2001 the Supreme Court ruled that the current Son of Sam laws are unconsitutional, because it violated first amendemnt rights, but could be legal if constructed narrowly enough (Ironically the supreme court case had to do with the book based on the movie Goodfellas). So the states recreated a more narrow law’s and a few of them are on appeals and that’s where the law is now,

  5. There’s a video where he comes face to face with…. Geraldo! Yes, Geraldo who around that time opened Al Capone’s vault.

  6. Ahh yes I’ve seen that interview (I believe that was the basis for the Wayne Gale/Mickey Knox interview in Natural Born Killers, right?) and I’m well aware of the whole Al Capone fiasco!

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