Initial Reaction To Trash Humpers

IMDB reviewer OChrist’s feelings on this piece of work are pretty much mine exactly:

(LINK) So Harmony Korine (a great name for a gangster’s moll) was able to replicate the look of a crappy 8th generation VHS videotape? That’s some feat. So he got a bunch of irritating exhibitionists to unconvincingly disguise themselves as old people and then set them loose to hump trashcans and break old TV sets? Bravo. The only true accomplishment here is getting intelligent people to A) masochistically sit through this non-movie and then B) actually try to critique and interpret it like it’s something more than the pathetic indulgence of someone who has so much contempt for his audience that he makes Marguerite Duras look like Nora Ephron.

So when Chris ends up doing his review for this, he’ll be attempting B).


  1. I understand it’s not most moviegoers’ cup of tea, but don’t bash viewers that do walk away with something to say.

    1. Agreed. I was expecting to dislike this film but I found it surprisingly enjoyable. It’s certainly not for everybody – and that should be clear to all but the braindead from the title alone – but it’s nonsense to suggest that it’s not for anybody.

      1. There are some parts that I did find mildly entertaining/interesting — the “three little devils” song and the little kid in suit smashing the baby doll. Most of the movie wasn’t as traditionally “boring” as your traditional plot-included boring flick. I’m a movie critic neophyte, if anything at all, so I didn’t really analyze this thing from much more than an initial perception.

  2. I’m not against people thinking this is trash (no pun intended) because if that’s how they feel then to each his own and certainly that is an acceptable reaction to said film, but I think it’s ludicrious to assume everyone has to feel the same way.

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