Frank, Paul Lead Way On Defense Budget Reduction

News doesn’t get posted here all too often, but I read a good article in the Boston Sunday Globe yesterday. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Ron Paul (R-TX) have come together against the popular Congressional sentiment of increased or status quo defense spending. On most issues, Frank and Paul, are quite unalike — Frank is an outspoken liberal while Paul is an old Right libertarian — but here they agree and they want other Congresspeople to see the light.

Check out the article:

One thought on “Frank, Paul Lead Way On Defense Budget Reduction”

  1. Ron Paul is not typical, he considers himself to be the heir of the Tafts. Even his son is an enthusiastic backer of the permanent war economy. This is why Fox News likes him far more than it likes his old man.

    USA is headed straight off of a cliff. It’s the so-called perfect storm. Americans always credit or blame the president for what happens and now, the Republicans who have vowed to destroy the president using all means are in a perfect position to sabotage the country totally. Their new governors and the new House forces are ready to implement radical liquidationism of the sort that was discredited during the Great Depression.

    They are doing this for two reasons – one, it will destroy the President who will be blamed for the fallout. Two, social engineering. Like Andrew Mellon when he advised Herbert Hoover to “liquidate labour, liquidate stocks, liquidate farmers”, they believe it will make for a “more hard working, more moral people” as Mellon put it. They want to install a kind of feudalism and make it permanent. The Republicans could never get away with trying such a thing when they had the White House, but with the inevitable blaming of Obama they can get it done.

    A former Republican Senator that Obama misguidedly put in charge of the so-called deficit commission said the other day that he expects Republicans to threaten to engineer a default in order to get some “red meat” in the form of massive fraud against the American people in terms of massive reductions on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid so as to pay the banksters. He gleefully predicts a “bloodbath”. A real president would not only fire him but put him in the hoosegaw for treason but when you have a government, a Congress where the second most influential book is Atlas Shrugged, you know that this will not end well.

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