CD Review: Sports [2010]

Release: 11/2010
Label: Slumberland

1. “Coma Summer” – B
2. “Youth Haunts” – C+
3. “Monday Morning” – C
4. “Monongah” – A-
5. “Landscape” – B-
6. “Age Class” – B
7. “Veil” – C
8. “End Times” – B+
9. “Afterimage” – C-
10. “Untitled” – B

Comments: Slumberland is a hot bed for noise pop these days. Pains of Being Pure at Heart released a structured self-titled debut that definitely was more pop slime than anything else.  Weekend’s music on this album, conversely, is more of a reflection of the kind of extended shoe-gaze that we just don’t to see much of anymore. The drumming, across the board, is really awesome. The bass lines are typically catchy, as well. The guitars — well, what do you expect? — are loaded with feedback and other sorts of effects that aren’t atypical of this style of music. “Monongah” is my favorite tune on here. For one, it is one of the shortest; we get more “song” than anything else. You’ve got to be a real noise-phile to love Sports ’cause I sure don’t! I like tennis. No, not that Tennis.

Grade: B- (80)

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