Quotes of the Day

Black Lips during a 2009 concert in France:

Cole: If you were the teacher, what would you grade us tonight?
Joe: A+, we know it all the way.
Cole: You would put us in special needs classes. If you were our teacher, you would put us in classes for retarded children.
Wasted Jared Swilley: This is why we are where we are right now. Because our whole life we were normal childrens in the retardeds classes. This is why we act the way do right now because no one understands us.
Cole: You put me with retarded children. I’m not retarded.
Jared: You can’t blame us for acting like retards when your whole world put us as retards. We are a product of this world that is run by white people.
Cole: It is a reflection of your whole generation. It’s just looking in the mirror.
Joe: I bet you wish you were retarded just like us!
Cole: Look in the mirror!
Jared: Your generation called us faggots, you called us white boys, you called us retards, queers, homos. We’re sick of that shit so this is the product of what we became because of you.
Ian: You were probably that kid, too. Stuck in the side room, didn’t have no friends.

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