Choice Reatard Quotes

– “You fucking fags hated Blood Visions when it dropped ! so stop acting all “OG”! get the fuck over it!”
– “Hey dont bring me into this you fucking jar head”
– “Officer Brad I havent played epiphones in years you big dumb indian get your facts straight before you start mouthing off fat boy.. I got 4 gibson flying v’s and 3 epiphones which I retired years ago..I just get sick of you bragging about your shit gear  or how you where on the cover of MMR all the time  get over it man .. Your music sucks !!!”
– “I was making better punk rock than you guys when I was fucking 13”
– “Just leave me the fuck outta your nerd world and stop pretending to know shit..”
– “I got nothing against your wife dude I know about as much about her as you know about music (which is just about nothing)”
– “Im the fucking oprah of punk . Btw if Im fucking fat then what the fuck is Officer Brad x ? the fucking marshmallow man ?”
– “The whole idea that struggle makes you legit is bullshit keep lying  to yourself so you feel better about being lazy”
– “I have worked hard as hell playing music, touring endlessly and putting out more records than I can count but do I deserve the “hype”more than the next guy? I would say no.”
– “Comparing some dudes with apple garage band or a 4 track to flat out genius level innovators of recorded pop music  should be a crime.”
– “Man I never really knew I was singing in a British accent till someone pointed it out later ? I always seem to sing different from band to band don’t really know why it really just comes out that way and is for sure not premeditated.”

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