Concert review: Arcade Fire

Band: Arcade Fire

Venue: Bank Of America Pavilion

I had the EXTREME pleasure of seeing Arcade Fire live last night. And I was blown away. Everything about it completely had me reeling from beginning to end. Opening act Young Galaxy were probably the best opening act I’ve seen. Sounding like a mixture of MUSE and Arcade Fire, they played songs off their recent release Invisible Republic. About 30 minutes later, the Arcade Fire took to the stage to the roar of the sold out pavilion. Opening with The Suburbs’ Ready To Start the entire place was mesmerized by the band. My only complaint is that the band played too many tracks off The Suburbs when not many people knew the songs. However, the songs everyone knew (No Cars Go, Intervention, Neighborhood 1-3, Rebellion (Lies) etc.) everyone sang their hearts out. Overall, a phenomenal show which I would see again in a heartbeat.

Overall: A-


Author: mattramsden252

Young "professional" writing about life, culture and culture life.

2 thoughts on “Concert review: Arcade Fire”

  1. Haha that sounds like you had a real fun time (obviously lol) Matt! Yeah, I guess they really did play a lot from their latest release, that probably would have pissed me off lol, but I still wish I was there…

    1. yeah it was so much fun they did play a good number of songs from The Suburbs but they still did play some classic Arcade Fire anthems

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