CD Review: That’s How We Burn [2010]

Band: Jaill
Release: 7/2010
Label: Sub Pop

1. “The Stroller” – A-
2. “Everyone’s Hip” – A-
3. “On the Beat” – A-
4. “Thank Us Later” – A-
5. “Summer Mess” – B+
6. “She’s My Baby” – A-
7. “Snake Shakes” – B+
8. “Demon” – B+
9. “Baby I” – B+
10. “How’s the Grave” – B+
11. “That’s How We Burn” – A-

Comments: Bringing to mind the likes of The B-52s and other pop, yet weird mainstream acts of yesteryear, Jaill’s all right. “The Stroller” is a post-punk revival jam with strong streaks of catchiness. Despite it being a fairly unoriginal jam, it still’s great on the ears. “Everyone’s Hip” reeks of ‘alternative’ genius. No complaints on the powerpop/post-punk flavored “On the Beat,” either. The Shins comparisons are justifiable on the vocal-centric “Thank Us Later,” surely one of the better songs on here. Some songs that I’d normally think are great just don’t have the memorable kind of chops I wish they had. What I thought may have been a near-the-top album for me turns out to be lost in the midst of above-average obscurity.

Grade: B+ (89)

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