2 thoughts on “More Info On Break Up”

  1. Those two in many ways are opposites. Khan is all upbeat and positive and wants to try anything and everything, so full of energy, everything is possible. Mark Sultan can be very dour and seems to often be depressed, is very “realistic” and cautious. I remember hearing that he insisted that Khan keep his clothes on in the Spaceshits though I can’t be sure of that… I can imagine that Sultan might have a problem with Khan’s pushing things and Khan would find Sultan to be too down and negative. Still, they’ve been together for most of the last 15 years so one has to think that they had a modus vivendi but what with their career advancement in the last couple of years or so that could have caused strains to develop if one or the other suspected that the other’s way of things risked holding them back or sabotaging them.

    That said, I thought it was strange that there was nothing about the whole Asian tour and the tour dates weren’t changed on their myspace and all of that. Reading that thing I am almost sure that he wrote it but not entirely somehow. There’s something about the message that speaks to my own fear that they say that you’re crazy and it’s fun and we want more, and then suddenly the hammer falls and they say it’s bad, get out, get out! I wondered if that would ever happen to him because he likes to push things. People encourage it – over there, the hammer dropped.

  2. Last we heard they might try to patch things up in Shanghai where they’ll be reunited with certain people who might convince help them back together though I remember Sultan had a feud with one of them once, oh well.

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