3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. On YouTube you can find a very recent interview he did with Bande a Part on the French CBC. I think that Mark Sultan projects a different personality in French than he does in English. It’s interesting to see how people seem different in different languages particularly when they don’t master them equally, and also it could be a question of the contexts in which languages are used.

    1. yeah you are probably right. he seems more enthusiastic in french i think, but at the same time I couldn’t really understand what he was saying in French since I only have an average understanding. I caught him saying Lou Reed is tres cool.

  2. Here are some translations if you want…

    After he said that people can play the same music as was done 60 years ago, the interviewer quoted a painter who said that “everything has been done but not by me”. To that he said, “Yes, and again people who think that they make right now something that is new are mistaken… it is not necessary to find another thing that is new because… me I think that the time is passing very fast now and it will connect at one point and we will all, uh, die, and then it’s finished.”

    Asked how to pronounce the title of the album “$”, he said, “I don’t know, Me, I have no idea of that, I don’t know also what to say for that.”

    Asked what is different with this compared to the other acts, he said “Ah, When I do things BBQ or King Khan BBQ, it’s always in a little box there, and I like that, I like the feeling of being in musical prison, I love that a lot, and the songs that I write for that is more typical rock n roll and things like that.”

    “But the things BBQ is more like a one-man band, there, you know, and I did not want for people to think that it’s the same thing because this is more an exploration of sounds I love and other things I can do with other instruments… things like that and it’s not so primitive, as easy as the other things on the name of BBQ.”

    Please apologise if I didn’t clear up his French but it helps to see how he seems to be more endearing in French.

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