KK+BBQ To Play Vivid LIVE

What is Vivid LIVE?
Vivid LIVE is an artist curated festival, created and produced by Sydney Opera House. The 2010 Festival is led by two of America’s most influential artists – Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson. Together they have assembled a program of music, theatre and visual art which offers bold visions of contemporary American life and celebrates fearless innovation and ambition.

King Khan and BBQ Show Description:
Punk, soul, garage-rock, doo-wop, noise, country and free jazz all get thrown into their pop culture blender. What emerges is a seamless new synthesis that finds a place on the base of your spine and crawls its way up, slowly.

Lock up your daughters, your pets and your plush toys, lest they fall victim to the ravages of these bad boys of rock. Not all Canadians are nice…


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