CD Review: Swim [2010]

Band: Caribou
Release: 4/2010
Label: Merge

1. “Odessa” – B+
2. “Sun” – C+
3. “Kaili” – B+
4. “Found Out” – B
5. “Bowls” – C
6. “Leave House” – B
7. “Hannibal” – B+
8. “Lalibela” – B
9. “Jamelia” – C+

Comments: Caribou is a pretty cool dude. He puts beats together nicely. From the get-go, this was a different kind of experience for me. I knew two Caribou songs and they were great background music…nothing really over the top. Chill, basically. It turns out, most of this record IS just great background music. Less chaotic and more dreamy, but still background music.  Anyway, Caribou’s got mathematical credibility (a Ph.D. from Imperial College in London)…take that “math rock” people. He’s got psychedelic credibility (stage name comes from something thought of while on an acid trip), too. Credibility doesn’t matter, though. We are talking music. Electronic music. I feel like Caribou needs some more pounding bass. That might not be his thing per se, but it’d make for a more exciting listen.

Grade: B- (82)

3 thoughts on “CD Review: Swim [2010]”

  1. You don’t think it was a really stupid idea to “review” Swim when you don’t even have a proper and complete version of the album? Eh, you probably would be better off not answering that.

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