CD Review: High Places Vs. Mankind

Band: High Places
Release: 3/2010
Label: Thrill Jockey

1. “On Giving Up” – C+
2. “She’s A Wild Horse” – B-
3. “The Channon” – C-
4. “Canada” – C
5. “Constant Winter” – B
6. “On a Hill in a Bed on a Road in a House – C
7. “Drift Slayer” – C
8. “The Most Beautiful Name” – C+
9. “When It Comes” – B

Comments: I can’t believe I’m listening to the same High Places that I saw in concert back in July 2008! “On Giving Up” would make you think they are a electronic dance music duo from way back. The next song and beyond sort of proves that was just a one time deal. They are an experimental group after all. When Ben’s girl Mary doesn’t sing the result is kind of meh. When she does sing, the result can be anywhere from pretty good to pretty average. The dream/electro-pop of “Constant Winter” is where I think the band excels the most…in general in that style of music. “On A Hill” is pretty damn eclectic. “Put me down in the earth” sings Mary on the last track, which is, to no one’s surprise, about the end of life. High Places is a pretty tolerable experimental band for me and for that I applaud them.

Grade: C+ (77)

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