Question of the Day

Should workers be allowed to work as much as they want OR should vacations and holidays be mandatory? Let’s think about it. At companies like Lincoln Electric and General Electric, systems are in place where workers are paid according to performance. Essentially, if you work your ass off and produce X units of a good, you will be highly rewarded in pay. It could even get to the point where you don’t have to do any performance and still get paid for doing nothing, which is something that’s been discussed among KLYAMers in the past. With a performance based system (Piece work, as it is called), it becomes almost unreasonable for workers to complain about their pay. Yes, I could see them complaining about getting no vacations, holidays, working conditions, etc but in terms of actual pay it’s YOU making it or breaking it. At any rate, giving the worker complete freedom over how he or she wants to work is an individualist concept. It’s an egalitarian concept if workers and upper management are treated the same way. In fact, if production workers really sweat their ass off, they could make more $$$ than upper level management. Sacrifices would have to be made in social and family life and some people just wouldn’t want to make those BUT maybe that option is attractive for some people. Who’s to decide? If you think the government should set limits on work, isn’t that a case of intruding on somebody’s liberty?

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