CD Review: Permalight

Band: Rogue Wave
Release: 3/2010
Label: Brushfire

1. “Solitary Gun” – A-
2. “Good Morning (The Future) – A-
3. “Sleepwalker” – A-
4. “Stars and Stripes”- B
5. “Permalight” – B-
6. “Fear Itself” – C
7. “Right With You” – B
8. “We Will Make a Song Destroy” – B
9. “I’ll Never Leave You” – B+
10. “Per Anger” – C+
11. “You Have Boarded” – B-
12. “All That Remains” – B

Comments: My initial impression of this record is Built to Spill meets Shout Out Louds. “Solitary Gun” evokes good memories of Descended Like Vultures material. There are some nice synths on “Good Morning” reminding me this time of a band Peter Bjorn and John. It’s sort of hilarious how Zack Rogue sounds like he’s from Gothenburg not Oakland. I’m not impressed that the band kind of transitions to a quasi pop-punk sound in the middle of the album after staying true to its folk-rock roots in the beginning. I guess the band kind of ran out of good concepts. “All That Remains” is pretty good, but ZAP the power is unplugged and the album is done with. Good job, guys.

Grade: B (84)

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