CD Review: Teen Dream [2010]

Not just a white square. Look closer!


Band: Beach House
Release: 1/2010
Label: Sub Pop

1. “Zebra” – A
2. “Silver Soul” – A
3. “Norway” – A
4. “Walk In The Park” – A+
5. “Used To Be” – A
6. “Lover of Mine” – A-
7. “Better Times” – A
8. “10 Mile Stereo” – A+
9. “Real Love” – A
10. “Take Care” – A+

Comment: The original CD Review for this album was kind of fucked up as I judged the album based on three characteristics (which were basically the same) instead of how I’ve been doing it with regard to every other album review. As a result, I was more of a hard-ass with this album than with any other other. “Zebra” exhibits the sexiness of Victoria Legrand’s voice and features one of the best chorus hooks I’ve heard all year. With all do respect, Alex Scally deserves credit for his enticing (poor word choice) guitar play. Got to love the “ha ha ha!” in “Norway” considering my crush executes it perfectly. Again, to mention the brilliance of choruses, I am deeply affected by “Walk In The Park.” I can’t see why the mainstream wouldn’t be attracted to it. It’s not Lady Gaga or Ke$ha, so it doesn’t have that sucker electro-pop style (try dream-pop, which has never been “accessible”) that’s been the opiate of the music masses for the past few years. When Legrand sings “any day now” on “Used To Be” that’s just a major turning point from a good rating to a great one. Overall, this is a very ethereal release that requires multiple listens to appreciate the complete beauty.

Grade: A (95)

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