CD Review: Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever

Band: The Octagon
Release: 1/2010
Label: Serious Business

1. “Suicide Kings” – A
2. “Cross Tops” – A-
3. “Swindler Minnows” – A
4. “Radio Days” – A-
5. “Loulou” – A-
6. “Hound Adams” – B
7. “Stop Snitchin'” – B+
8. “To The Flame” – B
9. “Easton” – A-
10. “Tommy Bones” – B
11. “Clay Haywood” – A-
12. “Buffalo” – B+
13. “Heart Calming Meditation” – C+
14. “Charles Lavender” – B+
15. “One Five Five” – B-
16. “Revolution” – B

Comments: Mixing ’90s college rock with the sights and sounds of today’s West Coast psychedelic scene, The Octagon have done well for themselves on this album. On some songs, I sense some Built to Spill inspiration, while others are straight up garage punk. My one real criticism is that a bunch of these songs sound like unfinished demos. If the band maybe spent a little bit longer on production, I’d love this more.

Grade: B+ (87)

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