CD Review: Heligoland (2010)

Band: Massive Attack
Release: 2010
Label: Virgin

1. “Pray For Rain” – B
2. “Babel” – C-
3. “Splitting the Atom” – D+
4. “Girl I Love You” – D+
5. “Psyche” – C
6. “Flat Of The Blade” – D
7. “Paradise Circus” – B+
8. “Rush Minute” – C-
9. “Saturday Come Slow” – D+
10. “Atlas Air” – B

Comments: Trip hop you tell me? Since there seems to be a genre for everything, I’ll run with it. “Pray For Rain” is a R&B house jam (similar to Gnarls Barkley) that slowly improves throughout its duration. “Babel” doesn’t do anything for me mainly because it relies on too much chaos. It wouldn’t be that bad if it was slowed down. “Girl I Love You” what? What is this? “Psyche” is average, but it’s not something that’s worth listening to again. “Flat” picks up at certain points, but is relatively boring and unoriginal. I really do enjoy the female vocalist in “Paradise Circus.” Best song on this album! The man singer is mad boring except on “Atlas Air.”

Grade: C- (73)

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