Album Review Housekeeping

Ok, so in previous reviews I would rate a track as 9.5. 8.6, etc. From now on, I want to do my bestest to rate them as solid numbers: 8, 9, etc. If I cannot completely make a decision I’ll settle for a 8/9, 9/10, etc. However, the amount of 10s an album has does not necessarily make that better than an album that has some 10s and some 9s or whatever. It is the strength of those 10s that determines how favorable the album is to me. For example, Rage Against the Machines’ debut album consists of all 10 tracks, but it is ranked #2 on my list of favorite albums. The #1 album is Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon/, which has some 10s, 9s, and 8s. But, the 10s (“Breathe,” “Time, ” “Brain Damage”) are so exceptional. Also, we tend to use the word “classic” around here quite frequently. At least for me the standard for a classic is a decent reputation as a notable LP and a release date prior to 2009. This is the case, since most albums reviewed here are current releases. Godspeed…

You Black Emperor!


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