CD Review: Run Rabbit Run

Band: Sufjan Stevens/ Osso
Label: Asthmatic Kitty
Release: October 6, 2009

1. “Year of the Ox” – 9.5
2. “Enjoy Your Rabbit” – 8.7
3. “Year of the Monkey” – 9.2
4. “Year of the Tiger” – 9.5
5. “Year of the Dragon”9.6
6. “Year of the Snake” – 9.3
7. “Year of the Horse” – 9.2
8. “Year of the Sheep” – 8.6
9. “Year of the Rat” – 9.0
10. “Year of the Rooster” – 9.4
11. “Year of the Dog” – 9.5
12. “Year of the Boar” – 9.4
13. “Year of the Lord”9.6

Comments: I was never much of a classical guy. I’m still not much of a classical guy. I can’t analyze classical music for shit, but I’ll say this: there are a lot of musical spasms. Fast/slow/fast/sloow/sloooow/slooow/FAST/FAST/FAST. And these spasms really make the music stand out. The music seems to be partially influenced by traditional schools of thought, but overall this album seems most likely to fall under the “experimental” category. When it comes down to it, this is a brilliant work of art. It’s not everyday that I take time out of my mainly rock diet to listen to this kind of music. I probably should.

Grade: 9.3

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