CD Review: Earthly Delights

Name: Lightning Bolt
Label: Load Records
Release: 2009

1. “Sound Guardians” – 8.5
2. “Nation of Boar” – 7.2
3. “Colossus” – 7.5
4. “The Sublime Freak” – 8.4
5. “Flooded Chamber” – 6.7
6. “Funny Farm” – 8.3
7. “Rain On Lake I’m Swimming In” – 8.9
8. “S.O.S” – 7.0
9. “Transmissionary” – 7.7

Comments: Here is a case of a band that I’ve heard a shit load about, but never really sat down and gave a meaningful listen. LB’s “noise rock” tag is appealing, but for me that “noise rock” must make some kind of sense in order to be listenable. LB has a two man set-up: a drummer and bass guitarist. Formerly in the band was a man now called Soft Circle. Yes, that guy. These days he plays loopy experimental stuff by himself (drums, guitar, vocals). Believe it or not the only things he did in Lightning Bolt (which he lasted in for all of three days…kidding) was sing and play guitar. Anyway…let me not side track too much. Getting into this album, my thoughts are kind of scattered. I conjure up a lot of elements upon listening: heavy metal, screamo, extreme noise-punk (there Brian Gibson that’s three words not two)…just to name a few. Maybe I’m just not ready for this kind of stuff. Or maybe it’s LB perfecting their image of being “loud and aggressive.”  I see a lot of great bass guitar riffs and random drum beats, but I don’t see a lot of structure. Is that what we call “art rock” nowadays? Even the best sounding tracks just barely squeak by as decent. Am I listening to noise or music? Is there a difference at all? I can tolerate noise, which is why I give some of these tracks higher grades than they probably deserve — at least from a critical perspective.

Grade: 7.8

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