CD Review: A Brief History of Love

Band: The Big Pink
Label: Rough Trade
Release: 2009

1. “Crystal Visions”9.5
2. “Too Young To Love” – 9.2
3. “Dominos” – 9.4
4. “Love in Vain” – 8.7
5. “At War With The Sun” – 8.9
6. “Velvet”9.7
7. “Golden Pendulum” – 9.2
8. “Frisk” – 8.8
9. “A Brief History of Love”9.5
10. “Tonight” – 9.3
11. “Count Backwards From Ten” – 9.4

Comment: I’m not sure how I actually came in contact with this band or this record. I found it just today in My Library. It’s due out on Tuesday? This situation confuses me. I’m pretty sure this band is from the UK. They sound darkish noise-punk/shit gaze. What I mean is the music is loud, distorted, lot of shit going on at one time, etc. You can’t really groove, but rather nod your head slowly. If I had to compare The Big Pink to some modern day bands I would compare them to The Morning After Girls and The Warlocks. Louder though. Add a drum machine, too. I hear some Humbug-era Arctic Monkeys too, but much much louder is The Big Pink. This CD is highly impressionable yet I question whether it has any lasting appeal. In certain areas (the green tracks!), this is really really catchy!

Final Grade: 9.2

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