CD Review: Get Color (HEALTH)

Label: Lovepump United
Release: 2009

1. “In Heat” – 8.0
2. “Die Slow” – 9.5
3. “Nice Girls” – 8.8
4. “Death +” – 8.6
5. “Before Tigers” – 8.7
6. “Severin” – 8.9
7. “Eat Flesh” – 7.3
8. “We Are Water” – 8.6
9. “In Violet” – 8.5

Comment: This album is reminiscent of early Animal Collective, except a tad bit noisier and a tad bit more random. If you are noise/electronica/slowcore kind of person, this will please you. The deal with albums like this is that the listening experience is subjective. Unlike with most other albums that came out this year, there are going to be a wide variety of sentiments that come with the listening experience. My 8.5 might be a 10 to one person and a 5 to another.

Final Grade: 8.5

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