Here’s The Good News!

Here I am sitting outside on one of the most beautiful days of the summer (sunny, 79 degrees) listening to Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” on WERS and reading “Believe!” by Richard M. Devos. At this exact moment, I am reading about good news! Amidst all the criticism of what’s going on in the world today and all the sad news of the day…

“…80 million people went to work today! The country’s plants operated today. The banks and stores were open today. All that money was handled by people who are still truth-worthy and dependable…Thousands of production lines operated today, and you’ll have their goods on your table…in a few good weeks… You turned on the radio…and there was someone to play some music for you…People are waiting in tens of thousands of gas stations to pump gas into your car to get you where you are going…the people who work hard to keep [society] moving are to be saluted!”

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