Boston’s Best Concert Venues

Middle East Downstairs – A+ – Capacity: 575
My favorite concert venue! It might be that all the bands I’ve seen here have been amazing, but it’s the intimate nature of the basement (and the hot hipster chicks) that makes me always leave Nabil’s premise drenched in sweat smiling.

Paradise Rock ClubA – Capacity: 650
A truly awesome place to see a concert.  There is enough room for rocking out in front of the stage (besides one annoying pole), enough room to just sit or stand around and watch, and enough room on the stage to fit a seven person band.

Great Scott – A – Capacity: 240
I like the up close and personal nature of the stage, as well as the intimate crowd. It’s pretty cool that there are two of views of the stage (front and side).

Harpers Ferry – A- – Capacity: 400
Reminds me of the Middle East Downstairs except it’s a bit more wide open, the ceiling is higher and the stage is bigger. These are only tiny detractors, though. A very good sized pit.

House of Blues – B Capacity: 2425
My only recommendation is to get there early! Watching a concert from the claustrophobic back makes for an annoying experience. Once in the front, the performance becomes akin to what you see at a smaller venue.

Comcast Center – C+ – Capacity: 19,900
The parking is the biggest bitch. The venue itself is actually not too bad. Sure the view from the grass is pretty shitty, especially if there’s a packed crowd, but the music is of great quality. Sitting down vs. standing is something you have to decide. Paying $90 a ticket to Live Nation or $25.

Orpheum Theatre – C+ – Capacity: 2763
Forget that you are sitting in an uncomforable chair from the eighteenth century and you should be fine. The acoustics are solid and your view of the stage will typically be very good (as long as you aren’t way up in the balcony). Count me in as a fan of the Mezzanine section. You feel like you are hovering over the band. Some bands are better off in a non-seating venue so obviously here just sitting and listening is awesome if you are a lazy ass who doesn’t feel like standing up and rocking out for a couple of hours.

Somerville TheatreC – Capacity: 899
Same features as the Orpheum except a bit smaller.

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