Radiohead and Philosophy Book Review

Radiohead and Philosophy
If you want to read a work of literature from people who live and breathe Radiohead this book is for you. If you are looking for a thinking-lite read…this book is not for you. The main theme behind Radiohead’s music, at least according to a majority of the passages in this book, is alienation. As a fan, you probably already know this. You might also know the “meaning” behind the lyrics of all Radiohead’s songs. What the authors of the various essays in this book do is take the entire Radiohead/Thom Yorke catalog and assess the philosophy behind it. They try their best to really knock down what Radiohead is trying to get at while also leaving open the possibility for alternative meanings. For example, the members of Radiohead themselves have often shied away from explaining their music. And then there’s the last major point argued: the band has embraced technology, despite lyrically warning listeners of its dangers in a post-modern society. A lot of the essays are hard to argue with, because they are so grounded in philosophy. Looking at Radiohead’s lyrics discussion on , people disagree with each other constantly. Rather than just relying on what this book has to offer, I think Radiohead fans should all agree that you can’t just listen to their music passively. There’s something behind it. Sometimes quite obvious…sometimes not.

Grade: 8.0 out of 10