Nobunny Interview/Live Footage in Münster, Germany (3/21/13)

We figured since it was Easter you bunnies could use an extra dose of bunny rock. Here’s an interview and footage of Nobunny in Münster, Germany on 3/21/13; the first day of Nobunny’s current European tour with Bad Sports. The bunnyman and Bad Sports perform hits like “I Am A Girlfriend,” “Mess Me Up,” “Gone For Good,” “Blow Dumb,” and “It’s True,” as well as discussing Nobunny’s origin, first heard records, performing at the Playboy Mansion, and the forthcoming LP Secret Songs out this Summer on Goner. “It sounds just like Nobunny, if you like Nobunny, then you will love this record.”- Nobunny. And there you have it.