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Memories of No Age Part I: Poetry

Here is a little poem I wrote for Creative Writing class Senior year describing some of the No Age show Glen, Ben, and I attended at Wellesley College in April ’09.

Here Should Be My Home

Glen had insisted there was a concert that night
We searched for THIRTY minutes for the music center
I was beginning to think my comrade wasn’t too bright
This was clearly not our place
Yet, we found a student
That was able to solve our case

It was an all Girls school
I could pretend to be a student
But, I’d look like a fool

We were told we needed to know someone to get in
But, with my impeccable, boyish charm
I was able to coax the sweet girl at the door to grant us admission
There was No Stage
For No Age
But, the boys managed to put on an amazing show
Filled with loud, fast, Punk songs
But, no atmospheric songs
Because Randy Randal
Told me that it was too much for the band to handle