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Music Video: CRETIN STOMPERS – “Eye of the Storm”

Ohhhhh yeah, that hit the spot. Watch this delicious new music video from the holy Cretin Stompers! Debut LP Looking Forward to Being Attacked out this fall on HoZac Records. Be on the look out, there’s no stopping the cretins from stomping!


1. Project: Object
2. Adult Child
3. In Between Stations
4. Randy Kraft
5. Watch Sally Run
6. Dream Blood
7. The Only One
8. Drano In Yr Veins (Styrenes)
9. Eye of The Storm
10. Cowboy From Mars
11. Bombing The Youth
12. Cretin Ate My Neighbor!
13. Mind Bomb
14. Industro
15. Sweet Obsession (Hawkwind’s Dave Brock)