Review: Gangbang Gordon, Vaporubs, Lady Pilot @ O’Brien’s Pub (3/28/14)

Bands: Gangbang Gordon, The Vaporubs, Lady Pilot
Date: Friday, March 28, 2014
Venue: O’Brien’s Pub (Allston, MA)

Gangbang Gordon – I’M WALKING HERE! I’M WALKING HERE! Gangbang Gordon is walking here and he’s playing here too. The party animal himself has brought along a whole  crew of hooligans. BBT (Big Ben Tan) on bass, Justin DeCarlo (my bro) on drums, and Brian Hickey on guitar. They are all crammed in together on the tiny O’Brien’s stage.

Tonight, GBG’s vocals are a bit clearer than usual and the band sounds like they have rehearsed, just a little bit. Saving some of the typical GBG theatrics for another night. Though, at one point he kicks the men’s room door wide open. GBG plays for the all of the people, even if they have to take a whiz. He comes to you.

Covers. BOY, you got it. The WTF band perform a little ditty known as “Cherry” from a band (Fat Creeps) we first saw here at O’Brien’s many moons ago (April 13, 2012).

Pop your cherry to GBG here:

The Vaporubs – The Vaporubs hail from Providence, RI, a city that has given us its fair share of crunchy, spankin’ rock ‘n’ roll goodness in the last few years, and these fellas offer us a slice from that humble pie.

Vaporubs play a fast power pop/punk/new wave sounding set. It’s loud and feisty, and naturally would serve better with a larger audience. Alas, it’s a tad sparse in the haus. Nonetheless, they rub it all out, even hopping off the stage and into the crowd.

I must be losing my marbles these days, because I forgot to cop a set list! and this wasn’t some ordinary set list, no way. Vaporubs go all out with their set lists, they laminate them! Anywho, my eyes light up when they shred through their rendition of The Go Go’s “Vacation.” I could use one.

Lady Pilot – I don’t remember most of Lady Pilot’s set, it all happens so fast! It kept up the same punk energy of the first two bands, falling much more in line with The Vaporubs though. This show is Lady Pilot’s tape release and it is being released on La Parca. La Parca put on the show tonight, so big shout out to them!