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Sleeping With Mr. Butch

As far as I’m aware Mr. Butch is in a category of his own on Wikipedia. How many homeless people have a Wikipedia page? Mr. Butch was a homeless man who spent somewhere between 20 and 30 years as a hobo in Boston, Massachusetts. He was attached to the Allston community during the latter part of his life. He was killed in 2007. Here is a link to watch a documentary about Mr. Butch:


Here is a collection of quotes from Mr. Butch:
– “Articulate I am for sure. Yes, I have bought many whore. When I had the money I did it straight. Now I have to masturbate.”
– “Please I need some money. It’s not funny.”
– “Penny, nickel, dime, or quarter. Any way, any order.”
– “Today be drinking, smoking some weed. That’s about all I need.  If I can find a girl to give me a hand-job, I’m not a fool, I’m not a slob.”
– “For me, it’s like I have to screw and lay before I see my guiding day. I go on straight, I go on hard. I hope that I can get a dick at least a yard.”
– “The last woman I had. We screwed and then she said good-bye dude. Broke my heart, made me feel bad. That’s the last woman I had.”
– “Well I got a dollar and seventy-five cents. I guess I get some beer!”