Flashback 2010: Harlem and Magic Kids!

This post is dedicated to two FABULOUS bands that came to prominence in 2010: Harlem and Magic Kids. Both Harlem and Magic Kids are honorary KLYAMERS (our favorite bands), but unfortunately they sort of vanished after 2010/2011. Does anybody know what happened to either of these bands?! I know Curtis O’Mara from Harlem has been keeping busy with other projects, as Glen has posted before, but I haven’t heard anything official for either band. In any situation, we wish them both the best of luck and wish to share their wonderful music with anyone that missed out on their big HYPE(s) two years ago. Alas, most music outlets merely cover artists when they are on the rise or when they are “hip.” KLYAM genuinely loved (and loves) these bands, so this post is for them!



Magic Kids

Keep your eyes out for some fine rock and rollers in this video!