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Read USA Today Article On Black Lips’ Middle East Tour


USA Today

Check out this article ┬áin USA Today “The Power of Positive Punks” by Nathan Matisse here: http://www.usatoday.com/story/popcandy/2012/12/14/the-power-of-positive-punks/1770461/ and read a review of one of the Black Lips’ intimate shows (50-100 people in attendance) in Erbil, Iraq by J. Levkowitz: http://inparenthesesmag.com/2012/10/02/the-black-lips-bring-rock-and-roll-to-mesopotamia/

Black Lips- Making Of SesioneS/ Interview W/ Cole and Joe

“Punk kind of got big in the 70s, but we kind of play like a prototype of punk that was around in the 60s.”- Cole Alexander
“You can get influence from old songs or new songs that you hear, but you can also draw influence from like a really delicious sandwich. You know, you think about how that sandwich makes you feel and you translate that into music.”- Joe Bradley