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Constantine Deserves Beatdown, Receives One, Ha

Chris is right! “American Idol” IS evil! People get *punched* over this stupid show!

Former American Idol finalist Constantine Maroulis apparently is among the many alumni disappointed about Paula Abdul leaving the show.

But he’s probably the only one who had to take a punch to defend her honor.

According to the New York Daily News, when the Rock of Ages star said something about hoping the “Forever Your Girl” singer would eventually return to Idol, a well-dressed man pushed him to the ground and started throwing punches.

Drone Probably Killed Pakistan Taliban Leader

The great thing about terrorists is, when they die, you can actually be happy.

New Delhi; and Islamabad, Pakistan – A US drone strike Wednesday probably killed Baitullah Mehsud, a senior Pakistan-based Taliban leader who organized dozens of terror attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. His death may substantially weaken the Taliban insurgency within Pakistan, a country that some US leaders feared was careening toward collapse just a few months ago.

Will Cash For Clunkers’s Success Continue?

With an additional $2 billion in funding, the “Cash for Clunkers” program has a new lease on life until Labor Day. But it’s not clear if Clunkers, the sequel, will show the same robust results that the program did in its first week, quickly running through the $1 billion that was supposed to last until November.

Again, this was a great idea for the short term, but who knows what long-term effects it will have?

John Hughes, 59, Acclaimed Director, Writer

Some sad news…

Odds are you didn’t go to high school with John Hughes. Odds are it sure seemed like you did. Hughes, the popular, almost-mythical filmmaker who made teen angst hurt so good in biting comedies such as Sixteen Candles, only to leave Generation Xers largely on their own as the Molly Ringwald-ruled 1980s ended, died after suffering a sudden heart attack during a walk this morning in Manhattan. He was 59.

Along with writing and directing movies like “The Breakfast Club”, he wrote “Home Alone”, Glen’s favorite movie, “Home Alone 2”, “101 Dalmatians” with Glenn Close, and “Flubber”.

Obama seeks to help save Darfur

Reporting from Washington and Nairobi, Kenya — After years of worldwide outrage over suffering in Darfur, the Obama administration will soon launch a new policy that could soften some longtime U.S. sanctions against the Sudanese government implicated in the large-scale killings and displacement of African tribespeople.

How exactly will policy change?

White House officials say that specific conditions would have to be met before sanctions would be lifted, and that Sudan could face even tougher sanctions if its leaders act in bad faith. But President Obama’s handpicked envoy to Sudan, J. Scott Gration, said in an interview Monday that the Khartoum government, which expelled humanitarian groups this year after an international court accused Sudan’s president of war crimes in Darfur, has shown a willingness to work toward stabilizing Darfur in order to allow aid to be delivered.

“We see that there is a spirit of cooperation and an attitude of wanting to help,” Gration said.

Guess I spoke a little too soon in blasting Obama’s Darfur policy…

Obama’s Darfur policy can suck it

Darfur activists are concerned that the latest comments by the Obama administration’s special envoy for Sudan are a sign the United States is easing pressure on Khartoum.

Say WHAT? Well hey, since when was Darfur a big priority for our government anyway? Our leaders have been focusing on *real* issues, like…

  1. Finding a puppy that’s cute AND hypoallergenic
  2. Making fun of handicapped people
  3. Further inflating the already too-big Gates incident and turning a serious national discussion of racial profiling into a late-night beer jokes

Oh wait, *those* aren’t the issues! Those are the publicity stunts that Obama’s been using so people won’t pay *attention* to the economy, health care, and foreign policy! Not to mention Darfur…

On Thursday, the special envoy, Scott Gration, appeared to argue for easing sanctions when he told lawmakers at a Senate hearing that there is no evidence to back up the U.S. designation of Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism. He said that the sanctions were hindering his work and called the terrorism designation “a political decision.”

*slaps forehead*

So let me get this straight.

Saddam Hussein’s government, which led the oil-rich nation of Iraq, killed Shi’ites and Kurds, and supposedly had weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda circa 2003. That makes that government a terrorist government.

But the government of the oil-rich nation of Sudan has been slowly wiping out the Darfur region *since* 2003, with support from the landlord to America’s broke tenant, China. We’ve been hanging out in the apartments in the middle of the eastern section of its floor, but it really wanted to, it could crash Sudan’s kegger instead. But China will of course be at that party, so if we went, things would get even more awkward. So let’s *not* put the Sudan on our shit list of terrorists. And *not* designating Sudan’s government as a threat to human life for those reasons is totally NOT a “political decision”.

*Now* I get it.