Buff Jesus
Art work by Cody P

We don’t really know too much about Jesus. What was he really like? He may have been a Buff Jesus. I bet he had a huge dick. He may have been a HUGE DICK. I do not know. What I do know, however, is that the Buff Jesus of 2018 has arrived. Your prayers have been answered. Below you will find Buff Jesus’s “Cool Dreams” – a 10 song collection of Ty Segall esque garage pop. Earlier Segall. Think Lemons. Eat the Lemons. When life hands you Lemons, go see Buff Jesus..

That’s right, Buff Jesus is preaching in the flesh for this bad boy’s album release show. Friday, September 7 at Dorchester Art Project, one of the raddest spots in town. Boston Hassle are throwing up this show and The Blues Dreambox, Squash, New Aura, and The Laces are on this joint too. $5, 8:30, All Ages. Here’s a link to the facialbook event page:

Oh and for fuck’s sake. Stream the album here NOW!

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