RIP Jay (5 Years Ago Today)

We do this every year and ever year I say “damn, has it been that long?” I suppose five years is a milestone, but whatever it’s always the right time to celebrate the life and music of Jay Reatard. Jay was unlike any performer I’ve seen before or since it was as if he was in flames or someone held a pistol to his temple and said “I’m going to pull the trigger if you don’t bust this song out now with everything in you… and do it in two minutes or less.” His music, live and on record, was fiery, raw, and angry. That was his entire attitude. A certain aggression that others lacked. Most of us are too nice for that OR it’s some bullshit machismo. But, Jay was different. He was making pop music, just incredibly brutal pop music. RIP.

2 thoughts on “RIP Jay (5 Years Ago Today)”

  1. Gorgeous remembrance my friend. Jay had a mystical form held hostage through the sheer honesty of his demons.. My opinion at least. I am baffled that this talent has been gone for so long too. I listen to some of his records quite often, and every time I enjoy it so much, then there is the small silence between songs and the thought of the vacuum he left behind. God speed to J>Rip.

    1. Absolutely man, well put. I haven’t seen anyone like him since his death. Thanks for the comment and the kind words!

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