New England Underground Music Fest 14′ @ Cuisine En Locale (9/4-6)

Hot damn! We’ve been stuffed with several local, underground music fests this year already: BUFU Fest, Starlab Fest, Fuzzstival, and now we shall make room for the New England Underground Music Festival from September 4-6 at Cuisine En Locale in Somerville. Often the attention is centered around Boston, but this fest is a strong reassurance that innovative and exquisite music is being made far and wide across this region. Eat it up for three days. Band after band after band after band until your eyes and ears bleed and you turn into a band.

NEUMF Schedules:
September 5th
6:00 MA: Black Beach
6:20 MA: Brown Lasers
6:40 MA: Samuel Boat Quintet
7:00 MA: Gracie Jackson
7:20 NH: Soft Eyes
8:00 CT: Worn Leather
8:20 MA: Lair
8:40 MA: World Domination
9:00 ME: Video Nasties
9:20 RI: Mincemeat or Tenspeed
9:50 MA: Los Condenados
10:20 RI: Jerome
10:50 VT: The Lentils
11:20 MA/ME: NE Pats
11:50 RI/MA: Minibeast
3:00 MA: W00DY
3:20 MA: Jesus Vio
3:40 MA: Bong Wish
4:00 MA: Gay Shapes
4:20 VT: Grape Room
4:40 NH/ME: Rick Rude
5:00 MA: Curse Purse
5:20 CT: Phemale
5:40 MA: Grizzler
6:00 RI: Suicide Magnets
6:20 MA: Neutral Fixation
6:40 MA: Funeral Cone
7:00 CT: Florida = Death
7:20 MA: Moron
7:40 CT: Jon Eriksen
8:00 RI: Belarisk
8:20 ME: High Spirits
8:40 MA: Rob Noyes
9:00 VT: Glitter Pen
9:30 ME: I’D M Theftable
10:00 RI: Unicorn Hard-On
10:30 MA: Gary War
11:00 RI: Timeghost
11:30 MA: Sunburned Hand of the Man
12:00 RI: Black Pus

The whole shabang blasts off on Thursday, September 4th at the Cantab Lounge basement/Club Bohemia in Cambridge:

9-920 OJE11Y
940-10 W0AT
1020-1040 LOS GREYS
11-1130 DVA (fr. Czech Republic)
1150-1210 NICK NEUBERG
1230-1250… HOMEWORLD
+ DJs spinning tunes between sets

FB event page:

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