SOTD: Sneaky Pinks – “I’m Punk”/7” Out Now On Almost Ready

Life’s a party. A Sneaky Pinks party. Sneaky what? That’s right, Sneaky Pinks have a new (or just a release of older material?) 7″ from Almost Ready Records. “I’m Punk” b/w “Puke Pudding.” Get your grimy hands all over it.

And if you’re saying to yourself, “fuck you dude I already know this, this 7″ came out like last week, old news.” Ohh well fuck you super savvy rock ‘n’ roll douche. This one is for the unconverted. We at KLYAM may not post everything in a timely fashion, but at least one time we posted the Sneaky Pinks East Coast tour video from 2006! Time was never our friend.

Grab the seven incher here: It’s worth a click just to read the funny ass description. “Nazi Punk Kiddie Porn for collector faggots and the working class hipster. ” Haha.
And why not set you up real nice with some “Puke Pudding”:

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