This Day In KLYAM History…

On this very day last year, Friday, April 13 2012, KLYAM saw/heard Fat Creeps for the first time. It was at O’Brien’s Pub with Fat History Month, ONSLO, and Big Mess. Great show, I remember being intrigued immediately. Above is a video of “700 Parts” (shot by Mick Murray) from that night. “700 Parts” will be featured on the upcoming Fat Creeps self-titled EP on KLYAM Records!

Two years ago, Wednesday, April 13 2011, I received a phone call from Glen, who had just experienced one of the greatest live performances of his life. It was Glen’s first time seeing Atlantic Thrills and on that night they were opening for Black Lips and Vivian Girls at The Met in Pawtucket, RI. The next night I saw the Lips and Vivs at the Paradise in Boston and met half of the Thrills. Subsequently, like the Fat Creeps, they have become a focal part of KLYAM.

KLYAM Photo from the 4/13/11 show.

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