NEW SMITH WESTERNS- Soft Will/ LISTEN to “Varsity”

New Smith
Photo from Pitchfork

We’ve been fans of Smith Westerns for a few years now and are HUGE fans of their first two albums, Smith Westerns and Dye It Blonde, especially the former! We even saw the dudes last January at the Paradise. That was around the last time anyone saw Smith Westerns, but now they are back with a new album, Soft Will out on June 11 on new label, Mom + Pop. You can listen to one of the tracks (actually album closer) “Varsity” below. I’m really digging “Varsity,” makes me even more excited for the new album. This song continues the same trend Dye It Blonde began with more expansive and ambitious production, and stronger songwriting. At heart, it’s exactly what Smith Westerns has been since day one: simple, but insanely catchy pop songs.

Here’s the track list for Soft Will:
01 3am Spiritual
02 Idol
03 Glossed
05 Fool Proof
06 White Oath
07 Only Natural
08 Best Friend
09 Cheer Up
10 Varsity

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