Fat History Month- “Yeayer”/ Live @ GG’s (3/18/10)

“SHYB put this sweet tart together. You can watch it on your TV, way bigger than youtube. Live shit, 20 songs in 74 minutes, snakes eating and backwards slomo clothed humps are some highlights. A nice way to while away a grey day.
In memory of Gay Gardens, a house that was a home to us many days in the last 5 years, here’s a kinda shitty set we played there one time way back in the hoary March of 2010. We’ll miss you big buddy. ”
-Fat History Month
1) Instirmentle
2) Ice Storm
3) Nature
4) Dino
5) Things I Enjoy
Listen here: http://fathistorymonth.bandcamp.com/album/yeayer

Also, here’s a link to their radio appearance on WMBR’s pipeline this past Tuesday (11/13/12): http://pipeline.wmbr.org/

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