Watch Fat Creeps Live @ Great Scott (9/21/12)


As always excellent camera work from Eurogael! And why not also toss in a clip of “Secrets” taken by our buddy mr. Melody Matters aka Bernie. Fat Creeps are heading on tour next week, fuck yeah!


  1. You guys do the best reviews of gigs ever. The ‘prelim activities’ parts are so enjoyable ;-) I LOVE these bands you saw this night, all of them are great on record AND live. Yeah, Nobunny is a sick f*ck, so much fun. X-Ray Eyeballs, happy you guys dig them! OJ is a freak, he tends to break things & lose his clothes at gigs, and is great fun to chat with, as I know you guys dig meeting & chatting with the bands we love, same as I do ;-)

  2. Thanks Terri, you’re the best!!! If you go to the concert calendar section ,you can see all of our show reviews. 3 years + worth of amazing shows/bands!

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