EP Review: Fagettes- “If I See Him Again” (2012)

Artist: Fagettes
Release Date: July 17, 2012
Label: Self-Released
Track List:
1) If I See Him Again
2) On Drugs
3) My Girl Looks Like Johnny Thunders

Comments: Fagettes! Here’s a band that delivers just what the doctor ordered. It’s raining like a motherfucker right now, so I might as well stay inside my dorm and put on some nice, soothing music. Enter Fagettes. One of the hardest working bands in the Boston underground music scene, Fagettes have been around the block for a few years now and have played with the likes of Hunx and His Punx and Shannon and The Clams; after listening to this EP I can strongly recommend them to fans of those bands and like minded weirdos across the galaxy. “If I See Him Again” is pleasing to my ears, bringing some sunshine to this rainy day. The title track is fun and brings to mind the aforementioned Shannon and The Clams, Velvet Underground, Violent Femmes, The Vaselines, and local heroes, Fat Creeps. “On Drugs” sounds just like what it is, but in the best possible way. Fagettes seem to live in some strange, hazy world and with this tune they do their best to wrap you up real tight and take you with them. I’m turned on.  I love the mix of male and female vocals, and this song feels like a grand ode to Beat Happening- with the vocals specifically reminding me of Heather Lewis.  Beat Happening, but more savage, slip some acid in dat hot chocolate boy!  The band continues in this mellow, almost apathetic approach in the EP’s final song “My Girl Looks Like Johnny Thunders,” and this time they whip out a funky harmonica, which helps make the track stand out on its own. Thunders culminates in some fantastic shrieks from the two lead vocalists, with each ferociously shouting “FEEL ALRIGHT!” Yes, I do feel alright. The weather may be shitty, but after hearing this little ditty, I’m feeling alright.  Actually, more than alright, I’m feeling pretty sexy. Listen to Fagettes today, if you want to feel sexy:

Hey, hey, by the way! Catch Fagettes playing a Halloween show along with Fat Creeps, Earthquake Party, and Fedavees on Friday, October 13 at the Rosebud in Somerville, MA! Shit just got even spookier…

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