SOTD: The Skyliners- “Since I Don’t Have You” (1958)

I could listen to this vintage, black and white, old timey pop magic till my eyes bleed and I go deaf, collapsing into an early grave. I always feel like I am on a death trip when I hear this music, like the world is coming to a complete stop; it’s an odd feeling. This is The Skyliners’ “Since I Don’t Have You,” a classic from the greatest era of mainstream American pop music. Wait, what did I just say? This was the only great era of mainstream American pop music. Don’t worry darling, rock ‘n’ roll never died, your parents just did, it’s time to move on and look past the charts and then look even further past the dipshits that make music that is supposedly an “alternative” to the charts, just look around you, it’s in the air and it’s on KLYAM. Rock ‘n’ roll/punk slime/ that music that gets your best girl wet, it’s all here to stay.

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