Listen: Wavves- “Hippies Is Punks” (Adult Swim Singles)

This week Wavves dropped the track “Hippies Is Punk” for Adult Swim’s 12 Tracks 12 Straight Weeks Singles Program. Give it a listen at the link below. What do y’all think? Perhaps a hint at what is to come on the upcoming Wavves LP to be released later this year.

2 thoughts on “Listen: Wavves- “Hippies Is Punks” (Adult Swim Singles)”

  1. fuuuuck this band ! ! why do you kiddies still listen to all these lame ass “garage” bands? ? so many killer groups out there that fly over your radar all because youre too wound up checking up on black lips related gossip and news all day. OH MY GOD MAGIC KIDS ARE GOING ON TOUR FOR A NEW ALBUUUMMMM ! ! give me a break

  2. There is a simple answer to your ridiculously misinformed and condescending question: because we like them. Isn’t that the only reason why anyone should pay attention to an artist? Why are you commenting on a site that overwhelmingly covers “garage” artists, that you deem as “lame ass?” I’m not a fan of dubstep, but I don’t spend my pastime harassing dubstep related blogs. Now, I am sure there are plenty of “killer” bands that fly over our radar because there are VAST amounts of bands out there and it is impossible to reach them all, but we do try to hear as many as we can that WE enjoy enough to post because it is OUR site. Any bands you care to mention btw? Also, if you peruse KLYAM you will notice that we cover many under the radar, so to speak, bands (mostly local) that tickle our fancy and we hope others will then check out their music and appreciate it as well. It is pretty simple: we write about the music we like, regardless of any and all extraneous factors. I don’t see how posting about the Black Lips (our favorite band) gets in the way of promoting other lesser known bands… This site is in many ways a fan site run by two people that share a love for a number of rock ‘n’ roll bands, hence all the posts about these bands. We try to keep a fan’s perspective on things and yes frankly I am invested in the latest news about the Black Lips and all of our other favorite bands, because those are the bands I love! It has nothing to do with gossip, that’s not my business. Where is the gossip in posting a video of a classic Lips show from 2005 or posting the latest, always humorous Lips interview? These are things I am watching or reading anyway, so why not post them for fans of the music? You seem to think that we should be mindless zombies that spend our days looking up every obscure band you know instead of making posts on the bands we actually love. Lastly, if a band we adore is going on tour and/or releasing an album I am excited to hear this and I would think others that listen to this band would like to know this information as well, if they did not already. Remember, this is just a little web site, it is not gospel… not yet anyway.

    P.S. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you need to shit on an artist (Wavves) to make a point then you typically don’t have much of a point to make at all.

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