Pitchfork Interviews Sweet Valley

Sweet Valley is a cool new project from Nathan Williams and his brother Joel or “Kynan” eh I don’t know Pitchfork is confusing. Anywho, the group unleashes some nasty beats, showcasing Nathan’s love for hip hop, which hasn’t been as prevalent in his mainstay, Wavves. Their debut is entitled Stay Calm and will be released by Fool’s Gold on August 7, 2012. Check out this Pitchfork interview at the link below.
http://pitchfork.com/news/47252-wavves-nathan-williams-and-his-brother-talk-instrumental-beat-project-sweet-valley/ Article by Carrie Battanon

P.S. Nathan gives us the skinny on the next Wavves LP: “The new record is already done– we just finished mixing. I think it’s a lot bigger sounding than King of the Beach or Life Sux. I guess it’s more geared towards 90s big chords.”

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