11 thoughts on “Good Music In Commercial Sighting: Strange Boys (Dell)”

  1. I just heard saw the commercial and couldn’t believe my ears! I’ve been a fan of the Strange Boys for a while and was thrilled to hear their song being used!

  2. I’m glad you all were as excited as I was! The Strange Boys live in concert is a real sight to be seen, highly recommend attending one of their shows.

  3. I had never heard of The Strange Boys until the Dell Commercial. The band is amazing. Crazy sound. Love it. I will be downloading their music as will many people, I am sure. Rock on Strange Boys!

  4. Oh my god I’m in shock right now. I used to see the strange boys 7 or 8 years ago at punk shows in dallas when they were just starting out. I’ve still got their very first EP, “state’s newest noise makers”, and even then they were making great music. But I hadn’t heard or thought about them in years, then I see this commercial, recognize that howling voice, and now I find out that they still exist and are based in Austin! How cool is this?!

  5. Wow, that’s fantastic Dave, thanks for sharing your experience with the band! I always find it fascinating to see where bands come from and/or how they have evolved over the years.

  6. can you please share “strange boys states newest noisemakers” I can’t find it anywhere and it’s the only album/ep i don’t own. Thanks!

    1. we don’t have it either – there are some YouTube vids if you haven’t already seen ’em

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