SOTD: Germs- “Richie Dagger’s Crime” (1979)

Today is just a Germs day! This is probably my favorite Germs number. What’s yours? Haha that sounds like some bizarre personal ad: Hi, I’m Chris I Like the Germs, what’s your favorite Germs song? Someday maybe. You know it’s funny we usually do not cover too much hardcore punk or whatever you want to call it, but this old school shit has always been a major staple in the landscape of my musical taste. Definitely the bands we chronicle here owe a huge debt to the early punker troubadours and their music itself usually pays it back. One can find elements of the Germs in the Black Lips, at least I for one believe so. Cheers to that!

5 thoughts on “SOTD: Germs- “Richie Dagger’s Crime” (1979)”

  1. Black Lips? I couldn’t say but I do know that King Khan has cited them as an influence and told a story of how in Germany he got someone from the audience to sing on stage during one of his sets and said he was like Darby Crash. Also, some critic said that one song of his borrows from “Lexicon Devil”.

  2. At the vomit squad myspace The Germs are cited as influence and King Khan wrote that part as that’s the way he writes. Part of it is written by someone else and that’s written differently. The best Germs stuff on Youtube I think are the live show clips with Darby Crash. He was a character all right. “Richie Dagger’s Crime” was meant to be autobiographical, wasn’t it.

  3. Yeah, I remmeber that about Vomit Squad. I remember a Black Lips interview where they cited The Germs as an influence on their early music, I can’t remember who conducted the interview though. And I don’t know if the song is autobiographical or not.

  4. Darby Crash was not his first stage name (he used Bobby Pyn first), and Richie Dagger was considered as one before he settled on Darby Crash and the song “Circle One” introduces the character, so to speak. The Germs lyrics focus a lot on Darby’s image of himself in different guises but I suppose in common he’s someone apart, not like everyone else. Did you see the Nirvana interview where the former Germs guitarist who was brought in for the shows was asked about the differences between being in the two groups and he replied that Cobain and Darby had the same problems?

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