Creative Loafing Atlanta (CLATL)/ Flashback Black Lips Circa ’03

Hey all, you know how I like to dig through old, archival shit to find hidden jewls on my favorite artists, right? Well, Creative Loafing Atlanta is an invaluable source for finding ancient articles on great Atlanta bands and KLYAM faves like the Black Lips and Deerhunter. Creative Loafing is a weekly magazine and is still up and runninng. Check out CLATL online:

Black Lips circa 2003- Creative Loafing

Here is a sweet article I found in CLATL’s vast amount of archives:

This article entitled “Born Bad” is by Chad Radford and it is from May 7, 2003. Radford covers the Black Lips’ riotous behavior on and off stage, the early days of the Die Slaughterhaus, the then recent death of original guitarist Ben Eberbaugh, and the band’s inconceivable signing to Bomp! Records. It is great to see the band when they are really young and I find it fascinating that as early as 2003 Jared Swilley was using the line “We’re good-bad, not evil” years before the Vice release of the same name.

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